DoubleTrust Experimental Search

This blog concerns a small web programming project I wrote over a weekend (my first !) to combine and present search results from leading authorities in compact and useful ways. Its more of a learning experience, but hopefully its useful too !! I've been using it for my personal use with some benefits.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Recent history of DoubleTrust

I've been very busy with other stuff , and with a summer internship.

Some updates to DoubleTrust have been:

1. Addition of descriptions to the site
2. Change of layout in the search page
3. Addition of some witty lines amidst the orphans. I just like this quote collection I have so I decided to display it ! :)
4. Addition of a user forum for user discussion. I think getting user feedback is utterly imporant for the site to improve. So please leave even the slightest thought which comes to your mind.

Yahoo problems

After the mention in Businessweek, it looks like Yahoo is blocking search requests from the server after a certain traffic amount. I have no clue how to fix that.

One stupid hack is to alternate between different servers ! That's what I am doing right now. I alternate servers !! when and if I learn there is a problem !!

DoubleTrust getting lot of attention

Businessweek recently featured DoubleTrust in their annual issue and after that its been getting lots of traffic + emails .

I never expected a simple project like this (initially) to get that popular. It was a small weekend project for my own personal learning and I never thought of releasing over the Internet too. Its amazing how new stuff catches on.

Apparently it also was featured in ABC News three weeks ago. I can't get hold of the TV clip unfortunately, even after mailing the ABC guys.