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This blog concerns a small web programming project I wrote over a weekend (my first !) to combine and present search results from leading authorities in compact and useful ways. Its more of a learning experience, but hopefully its useful too !! I've been using it for my personal use with some benefits.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Feature and debug update

I worked on DoubleTrust some more yesterday.

Some bugs have been removed and some weird queries work now. But there might be other ways to break it. But most queries work fine

Features Added

I also managed to add some new features. The top features are:
1. Firefox Plugin available now !! Majority of DoubleTrust visitors are Firefox users.

2. Trust-o-Meter and TrustRank !
Meta-search has this problem of doing its own thing with results and taking control away from the user. TrustRank and Trust-o-Meter give the control back to the user on the search engine preferences. Its quite simple: Your trust level decides the ranking of the common results amongst the two engines. If you trust Google more , Google results get pushed up more than Yahoo's.
So you get to keep your beliefs, while you combine results at the same time !!

3. A search box on the results page. Someone had requested this and I think its a very useful feature too. Easy to repeat and refine searches.

4. Can Launch Google or Yahoo directly from the results page.


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