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This blog concerns a small web programming project I wrote over a weekend (my first !) to combine and present search results from leading authorities in compact and useful ways. Its more of a learning experience, but hopefully its useful too !! I've been using it for my personal use with some benefits.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Compare Toolbar button: The simplest but the most useful feature of DoubleTrust

Last to last weekend I added this very simple feature: the Compare link.
I think it is one of the most important and useful feature of DoubleTrust. Just drag this link to your browser toobar (works with ANY browser).

Then whenever you are doing a query on your favorite search engine like Google, Yahoo (supports Ask Jeeves and MSN as well), you can just click the Compare button , which will take you to the DoubleTrust search comparison page for the same query. You don't need to enter any further input.

This is very useful if you want to get a quick set of compact results (around 80 !) from the two major search engines for a particular query. Gives you more choice and quick view of both sites.
The important point is that you can still use your favorite search engine as usual and use DoubleTrust as a search accessory, if you really want to stick with your current engine.

Here is the link:


  • At 6:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    After I've completed a search, its difficult to get back to the doubletrust start page. Can you make it so that clicking on the doubletrust icon in the top left corner allows you to start a new search?

  • At 8:56 PM, Blogger Ashish Gupta said…

    Sure I will implement that.Just that right now I am switching servers as Yahoo seems to be blocking high traffic queries.
    Meanwhile you can also search again from the query textbox on the top right. It is meant for that.

    Or you can click "More options" on the top link bar to go to the main page also


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