DoubleTrust Experimental Search

This blog concerns a small web programming project I wrote over a weekend (my first !) to combine and present search results from leading authorities in compact and useful ways. Its more of a learning experience, but hopefully its useful too !! I've been using it for my personal use with some benefits.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Changed the name and the URL to DoubleTrust

I got a domain in the name of and changed the title to DoubleTrust ! I think it more accurately reflects the philosophy behind this site.

The logo thing took me some time to figure out !


  • At 12:51 AM, Anonymous Geet Duggal said…

    Cool. I think the biggest visual difference your engine has has to do with the whole orphan/non-orphan presentation. It is a good way of separating what's valuable and what's not. Sticking with two engines may be an interesting constraint. By the way, What statistics do you log of user searches?

  • At 12:26 PM, Blogger Ashish Gupta said…

    hmmm, I don't log any user queries right now.

    Maybe I should, if it doesn't violate privacy in any way. If I do, I won't store any source IP information, I promise.
    Yes the visual difference you mention is an important one

  • At 1:38 PM, Anonymous Rob said…

    This is brilliant. Very useful and efficiently compact results. A search box on the results screen would be helpful, either to add a term to the search or start a new search.

  • At 1:43 PM, Blogger Ashish Gupta said…

    Thanks Rob.
    Yes, the weekend is here so I am going to work on the code.

    What you mentioned is one of the first things I am going to do.
    Firefox plugin is also in the pipeline (50% of the DoubleTrust visitors use Firefox)

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